When was the last time anyone ever offered to pay your taxes?

Well, at Safehouse we have decided to rock the Self-Storage Industry once again and help customers save their money!


The new offer from Safehouse is very simple. Safehouse will pay the VAT for your storage if you pay us in advance for 12, 20, 28, 36, 44 or 52 weeks. No-body else will do that for you. No strings attached. You’ll save ££’s more money along the way too!


Safehouse are proud to announce that effective from 1st October 2012, unlike all the other storage companies, we will pay the VAT on your storage! This is a prepay discount deal and you must meet the conditions below to qualify for us to PAY YOUR VAT:


  • Safehouse general contract terms & conditions apply
  • The Safehouse Pay-Your-VAT deal for storage is a renewable deal which means that whilst we still offer it on our website to new customers, it will be available to existing, qualifying, customers.
  • It is a pre-requirement that an existing account is paid up to date (less than 7 dys overdue) before it qualifies. Overdue accounts may not take up the deal
  • The Safehouse Pay-Your-VAT Deal may be taken for any one of the following durations:

12/20/28/36/44/52 weeks
(Other durations do not apply and will not be available);

  • The Pay-Your-VAT deal applies to self-storage units from 15 sqft to 200 sqft in area. No other sizes of storage will be considered as qualifying for this deal;
  • The price paid reflects the duration of the deal, the price of the storage unit that qualifies for the deal and the rate of VAT applicable at the time the deal is processed;
  • Safehouse Pay-Your-VAT deal for storage cannot be used in conjunction with any other Safehouse deal or offer;
  • Safehouse Pay-Your-VAT deal is not subject to price promise or price matching;
  • Safehouse Self-Storage may, from time to time, vary the terms and conditions of this or any other deal without prior notice. Such changes will be reflected in the terms and conditions as published on the company website;
  • Safehouse Self-Storage reserves the right to withdraw the PAY-Your-VAT deal at any time and without notice. If the deal is withdrawn by Safehouse, it shall be without any liability either implied or expressed.

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