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How to Pack Your Items for Self Storage

Tuesday 16 April 2013 11:03

How to Pack Your Items for Self Storage When Moving House

When it comes to moving house it can sometimes be difficult to get your stuff organised, packed and ready for the big move. Whether using self storage or moving straight into a new home, it is important to pack well, making sure all your items are protected from breakage or any other form of damage that may occur in transit. Below are some packing tips that may aid you when it comes to organising your household items for moving day.

China and Glassware

Your most fragile items require a little extra care when it comes to packing them away; take a little extra time during the packing process and your items are much more likely to arrive unscathed at the other end.

Before putting any items into a box, scrunch up a load of old newspaper or packing paper and layer it across the base of the box. Wrap each plate, cup, or glass separately, in another protective layer of paper before placing them carefully in the box. Add another layer of scrunched up paper or bubble wrap before putting in anymore items. Carry on making up layers until the box is almost full but still comfortable to lift.

Plates are best packed upright with layers of paper to separate them, but do be aware this can put more pressure on the base of the box. Make sure the bottom is well secured with plenty of gaffer tape, and again, be wary of over packing.

For glasses, mugs, and cups, fill each of them with scrunched up paper which will decrease the risk of them breaking while in transit. If the original boxes are available, use them but add extra packaging. Mark any boxes with breakable items in as FRAGILE.

Bedding, Curtains, and Soft Furnishings

Soft items can take up a surprising amount of space when you are packing them away. To reduce the space needed in your storage unit and the number of boxed needed to pack them, buy some vacuum packing bags. You might find that items are terribly creased when you unpack them, a whirl in the washing machine and a tumble dry should soon shake out the creases.

Using vacuum sealing bags can reduce the space needed for soft items by as much as 50%. That means 50% less space required for boxes, the removal van, and in your self storage unit.

Kitchen Items

Before packing away anything like the fryer, the toaster, the kettle, and the iron; make sure they’re properly drained. It is easy to forget small matter like this when hasting to get everything into boxes but the risk of crumbs, water, and oil dripping onto other boxes and ruining the items within just isn’t worth it. Make speed, not haste.

Don’t forget to leave a few items to one side for use in the last few days in your old house and first few days in your new house. You’ll need a skeleton amount of crockery, cutlery, a kettle, and maybe some condiments for easy meals.

Wires and Chargers

Use freezer bags to pack away sets of wires which are needed for things like DVD players, computers, and televisions. Pack each set of wires into a separate bag and label or number them to correspond with its matching appliance. It will make things much easier when they’re taken out of the self storage unit and taken to your new home.

Clothing and Wardrobes

It is difficult to move and store wardrobes with items still hanging in them. If your wardrobes are flat pack, take them down well ahead of time (keep all the screws and handles together). Get hold of some wardrobe boxes to pack away items that need to be hung like coats and suits, then pack away tee shirts, jeans, and underwear into normal storage boxes – remember that you’ll need some clothes in easy reach for the days that the rest of your belongings are in self storage.

Ready To Go

Stack all of your packed boxes in one place, then try to gauge how much space you’ll need to store them. This will give you an idea of the size of the self storage unit you’ll need. From here you can work out the cheapest storage option – if you don’t need to access the items on a daily basis, the storage unit only needs to be big enough to pack the boxes in. If you need to get into the unit on occasion, make sure you choose a self storage unit that will allow you to leave an access pack between the piles. Our Storage Space Calculator will also help you to estimate the space your items will require: click here.

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