Standing in the doorway of your home, you are suddenly confronted with the fact there is so much clutter between you and the kitchen you barely have room to get through. Suddenly you realise something needs to be done. Your spouse suggests a weekend of organising while your best friend says you need to declutter. You always figured they were the same thing, but apparently, they are not. So before you run off to rent a storage warehouse in London, you need to figure out the difference between the two.

The scenario we just described is not all that uncommon. We live in a generation in which the accumulation of stuff is extremely common. Part of it is due to the fact that we measure success according to the things we own. Another factor is that many of us are too emotionally attached to our things to let go. Yet a cluttered house will not fix itself; something has to be done.

Organising Your Life

Some people approach the question of clutter by determining, once and for all, they will organise their lives. This is a fine option if you are predisposed to holding on to most of the possessions currently cluttering your home. Nevertheless, it does require constant diligence to maintain organisation once it is achieved. In this sense, organisation is only a temporary solution to the problem of clutter. Unless you maintain organisation and stop accumulating new possessions, your disorganised life will come back in full force.

A self-storage warehouse in London, or wherever you live, can be a helpful tool for organisational purposes. Let us say you have some extra furniture you do not use now, while you still have kids at home, but you will use to set up a guest room once they are gone. You can put that furniture in storage for the time being, freeing up much needed space in your home. The same can be said for books, games and toys, clothing, collectibles, and anything else you know you will want later on.


Even though organising your life may include some amount of decluttering, the two are intrinsically different. Where organisation is temporary, decluttering is permanent. How so? Decluttering involves getting rid of possessions you no longer have need of. Whether you throw those possessions away, sell them, or donate them, they are gone for good once they leave your home. The permanency of decluttering is one of the reasons it is the preferred strategy when helping hoarders overcome their difficulties.

The benefits of decluttering include more space in your home, less time and effort spent maintaining your stuff, and a new found ability to enjoy life without having to attach yourself to possessions. You really should try it if you are suffering under the weight of excessive clutter.

A Little of Both

As you can see, organisation is a solution to household clutter that requires continual effort. Decluttering is a ‘one and for all’ solution. Yet rarely do families employ one strategy or the other. More often than not, cleaning up a cluttered home is a combination of both strategies.

If you are living in a cluttered home, we would encourage you to consider organising and decluttering. Declutter where you can, freeing up valuable space and making your home more comfortable. Any possessions you do need to keep can be safely placed in a storage warehouse in London, or near wherever you live.