How It Works:

Pay for your storage several periods in advance [a period is 4 weeks] and we’ll give you extra periods for only 99p. The more you buy, the more you save – it’s simple and that’s why we’re one of the best storage companies in London!

Example 1: buy 2 and we’ll give you the third for 99p rent – it’s almost free!

Example 2: buy 4 and we’ll give you an extra 3 for 99p rent each – saving you about 43%

Space in London is at a premium so this is a deal not to be missed.  Whether you’re looking for baggage storage, furniture storage or student storage, personal storage in London just got a lot cheaper.

Safehouse Storage London 99p deal

The Safehouse 99p Deal Terms & Conditions

  • Safehouse general contract terms & conditions apply
  • The Safehouse 99p Deal is a renewable deal which means that whilst we still offer it on our website to new customers, it will be available to existing, qualifying customers
  • It is a pre-requirement of the deal that an existing account is paid up to date (less than 7 days overdue) before it qualifies for renewal. Overdue accounts may not take up a deal.
  • The Safehouse 99p Deal may be taken for any one of the following durations:12/20/28/36/44/52 weeks
    (Other durations do not apply and will not be available);
  • The minimum duration of rental is for the term of the deal so, if you leave before this time has expired, there is no rent returned. This also applies to renewals for existing customers
  • Rent and any other charges are payable in advance of the invoice term
  • The price paid reflects the duration of the deal, the price of the storage unit that qualifies for the deal and the rate of VAT applicable at the time the deal is processed;
  • Safehouse 99p deal is not subject to price promise or price matching;
  • The Safehouse 99p Deal applies to storage units from 15 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft. in area, on the mezzanine floor only
  • The contents of the storage unit must be adequately covered by an insurance policy (if you don’t already have one, Safehouse can let you use our policy for a modest concession; ask instore for details).
  • Additionally, a deposit equal to 4 weeks rent is payable.
  • You may purchase one of our insurance approved padlocks to secure the storage unit.